Loose Ankle Tap Dancing

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Loose Ankle Tap® ...
                                You finally found tap dancing from the inside out.

 Loose Ankle Tap®  technique has been developed and taught by Rosie Radiator at the
Tap Dance Center and the Tap Dance Room in San Francisco since 1973 
Home of the San Francisco Supershuffle™ 
 "Rosie's loose ankle tap is the missing link in tap dancing." 
                               Dance Teacher Now Magazine
"Rosie's loose ankle tap dance is the very best I have ever seen." 

Arthur Duncan


"Rosie's loose ankle tap is amazing."

Donald O’Connor 

"Rosie's supershuffle is the first new thing I’ve seen in thirty years…"

Honi Coles

"It is ancient and cutting edge, I recommend this to serious tappers."  

Lane Alexander



 "It's the future of tap." 

Sam Webber


 Loose Ankle Tap®  is the  way to learn to tap or  to increase your tap skills. It gives teachers the tap technique tools they need to create winning tap programs.  It also provides clients with Supershuffle© choreography.   Dancers and teachers learn how to trick their bodies back into natural accidents of released movement as they produced all the original shuffles,riffles,walking riffs and much more. 


Loose Ankle Tap®  blows your mind and frees your body.

When you relax your feet and ankles the rest of

your body takes over and you feel how the sounds are actually caused.

You feel the spiraling undulations that flip out deeply relaxed legs

  and you immediately realize

  two brushes do not equal a shuffle.


You discover that effortless tap dancing is an amazing musical accident of the human body. It uses an ancient  physical pathway originally discovered by untrained dancers who never could tell us exactly how it was actually done. Some of them were the most famous tap dancers in the world and were self taught.  Loose Ankle Tap® is the physical technique that they used, by feel, to produce the fast effortless accidental sounds that nobody sees and everybody hears.

Loose Ankle Tap® is the technical use of in balance isolations and trigger points that naturally trigger the basic moves and sounds in tap.

All of the most basic moves are found in your natural walk. These natural comfortable isometric movements of the body combined with the deep relaxation of the lower leg produce effortless shuffles, riffles, brush steps, walking riffs and much more. Your style is released through relaxed feet and ankles.  Loose Ankle Tap® is a state of mind with the clear technique to support it.


Is Loose Ankle Tap® for you?

Year round Loose Ankle Tap® training classes are designed for
absolute beginning, and  highly accomplished continuing adults in San Francisco CA.



5 Day Intensive Supershuffle Workshops in July are for performers

and teachers who come from throughout the world. 


Classes and workshops in San Francisco are taught at the 

   Tap Dance Room at the Royce Gallery 

2901 Mariposa st San Francisco 94110 

call 415 621 8277
( free comfortable professional state of the art tap shoes provided )


Since 1973

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